About Snapsports Residential Backyard Courts

Sixteen individual shock absorbers (32 for 50-50™) ensure a consistent playing surface and excellent coefficient of friction to keep the surface in place.

The patented “resilient shock” technology was designed with performance and safety in mind. The built-in shock deflection offers exceptional impact control and provides excellent rolling load support.

Key Benefits

Safety – Play longer! Patented ReactivePlay® technology gives an added level of “cush” to reduce impact on joints and limbs, letting you play longer today and for years to come

Performance – Play better, play faster! The ShockTower understructure provides unsurpassed ball performance and play. Engineered to withstand the highest levels of competition

Functionality – Play now! SnapSports Athletic Surfacing with ShockTower installs easily, from one day retrofits on old courts to complete, new multi-court installations in less than a week

Built For Life™
– Lifetime warranty on ShockTower shocks guaranteed to not wear out or wear down, ever!

Outdoor BounceBack®

Outdoor ReActive

Backyard game courts for the entire family, just choose your sport!

Basketball, Tennis/Net Games, Volleyball, Inline Hockey or Multi-Court functionality!

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